Jeffersonville High School '88 20 year Reunion
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jeffersonville, IN
View profile »Deanna Hall (Lindsey)
Charlestown, IN
Hi everyone! I am so excited to see you all. It looks as if everyone is doing well. I can't wait to see you and hear about your lives and beautiful families!
I am still living in Clark County. I married Dale Hall from Shepherdsville, Ky. We have 3 wo… more »
Phoenix, AZ
Hi all! Even though I didn't graduate from Jeff, my heart is still there. And since I went through K-10 with many of you, I thought I'd reconnect and get back in touch. I'm living in Phoenix now with my partner, Mel. It is great seeing what became of y… more »
davenport, IA
Wow! Thanks for inviting us to the party class of '88. I look forward to seeing everyone. I live in Davenport, Iowa these days. I need to sell my house back in Indiana. Any of you Real Estate folks give me a call. Married with children(13 yrs and two). Th… more »
lexington, KY
Class of 1988...very classy move inviting the class of 1987 to join you for this reunion. Thank you very much. I've missed so many old friends and because of your graciousness, we will be able to meet again. Take care,

Barry N. Sullivan