Jeffersonville High School '88 20 year Reunion
Smoke Bomb in the hallway at Jeff High

Well first I am not a If you all know what I do for a living now..most of you would not believe it... Sense I was not the model student. I saw the person in fact place the smoke bomb. It was Jeff Atkins. His dad was in the National Guard and thats, where he got it from. Jeff moved right after all of that. After the smoke went off..his hair was was the funniest thing. I ever seen.

Great Sight

Tracy Leonard (Trace)

Trace Leonard
The Big Fight

In either 86, or 87 a fight took place behind the school on the ridge overlooking the back side of K-Mart. One of the two gladiators in said contest was Tom Bartle, brother of my friend Terry, and the other was David something or other (Name forgotten to protect the innocent) who had been taking martial arts classes.


Well, the fight went something like this: David struck the first blow to Tom's chest with a spinning back kick which was quickly shaken off by Tom. Tom stepped back to allow David to make the next move which came quickly with yet another spinning back kick- BIG MISTAKE!


Tom was ready and with "cat-like reflexes", Tom swept David's leg and took him down to the gravel. I'd never seen anything like it, but Tom flipped David over, grabbed a handful of hair on the back of David's head and commenced to pulverizing his face in the rocks.


Someone stopped the fight with Tom being the obvious winner, but there MAY BE a story behind this story.


The possible story behind this story MAY BE that this whole thing was set up by a couple of instigators because we wanted to see which form of fighting was the better; wrestling or martial arts. We found out alright and both Terry and I gave up martial arts because of this one incident.


Cruel? Well, go figure, but many such things happened because of a little work behind the scenes on our part. Sorry if you didn't know about this guys.


I stumbled upon this website the other day by accident, but I'm glad I did. I'm thrilled to hear about each of your successes and am equally excited to see how time has blessed you. I can't make it to the reunion, but I echo Barry's sentiments about inviting the class of 87 to your reunion- Very Classy.


Take care friends,


Gene Cornett 


Gene Cornett
missy asked for it and got it

one day in history class, junior year , i was just kidding around and told missy to kiss my butt, and without hesitating missy responded with "bare it" i did.       i think that was the same class that stephan lawler was riding a horse upside down and shooting craps.        


Steven Mitchell
Remember getting "the call"? "Party at the park". $2 to get in and that goes towards the kegs that Kevin Kane and Brandenburg will be buying! For those of you who missed it we missed you and for those of you who were there, well... all I can say is that I am glad you survived it. Long live Blackiston Mill Park. Memories...I'm glad we have them.
Melissa Gibson
Smoke Bomb clears JHS

Does everyone remember this one?  It happened on Friday, May 13th 1988.

Students at JHS were evacuated when a military smoke canister was discharged in the entrance hallway to school around 7:30am.  Three trucks responded to the scene and firemen ventilated the building.  Students were kept outside for over an hour, with firefighters leaving the scene around 9am.  The smoke canister was identified as a "M-8", believed to have been obtained from Ft. Knox as a military surplus item.  A suspect was identified and questioned.  The youth indicated he was given the smoke canister by another student and it was placed between two rows of lockers where it was discharged.

The principal, Ward Weber, put a dry towel over the smoke canister trying to stop the smoke.  Instead, it caught on fire along with the carpet.  I remember the smell making me sick and I had lunch off campus.  At the time my dad owned DownUnderDawgs.  The fire investigator called the store to find out if we sold this item, which we did not.  I can't remember who set it off.

Leigh Ann

Don't you see!

If you had Mr. Popp for economics your senior year you can't help remembering him saying "Don't you see."  I'll never forget sitting in that class wondering why he seemed so weird.  His little phrases, comments, no sleeping rule, sit up straight without your feet being in the aisleway, what crazy rules.

Now, as an adult, I completely understand why he had these rules.  He had to teach the same lesson, over and over, year in and year out, there had to be order in his class or he'd lose his mind.

The very next year Mr. Popp passed away.  We were one of the last classes to hear him say "Don't you see."  RIP Mr. Popp.


Lincoln Crum
Cross brothers for life!

Instead of going to Daytona Spring Break 1987 Dana Coleman, Tommy Bartle and myself thought it would be fun to go camping at Dana's grandparents camp down in Kentucky.  We loaded up the car with a tent, some food and a couple of creme de menthe liquer I swiped from the basement.  We were Bardstown bound!

We got to the lake late, set up the tent in the dark and started roasting hot dogs.  For some crazy ass reason Tommy and I thought it would be cool to burn brands on our arm.  We weren't the most creative two so we decided a cross would be cool.  We did a couple of test burns before we got the right tools needed for a proper brand.  With screwdriver in hand we stuck it in the fire until it was a beautiful shade of dark amber red, perfect for burning the skin.  I went first and made a perfect cross on my right arm.  Then Tommy burned one on his arm.  After about 30 minutes of trying to convince Dana of the importance of being a blood brother we were able to hold him down and burn the cross, he jerked and created a "not so perfect" cross but it turned out perfect in our own eyes.

After a long nights sleep in the tent we woke up realizing what we did and remorse set in.  We all three got our stories straight and decided we would tell our parents that we became blood branded brothers that night, both Tommy and I were sure that they'd fully understand.  Dana told us that his dad was sure to kick his ass.  Here's how it unfolded:

Tommy went home and told his parents that when we were camping he tripped and fell into the fire and amazingly he ended up getting a burn that appeared in the form of a cross.  They didn't buy it and banned him from hanging out with both Dana and I for life.

Dana went home and told his dad, aka Kiss Boots.  His dad told him that "he ain't no cattle and has absolutely no business burning himself." Dana received the same ban.

I went home and decided that honesty was probably the best policy and told my mom that I had experienced something wonderful and was now brand brothers with my two best friends.  I rolled up my sleeves and showed her my arm.  Big tears welped up in her eyes and she managed to get my dad on the phone wherever he was, she told him that his son had lost his god*&$mn mind and that he needed to come home and take me to the mental health center.  Dad came home, made me go back to work with him and didn't really talk to me.  All he said was "you really have dissapointed your mother."  That really hit home with me, I didn't do it to dissapoint anyone, I did it to create an unbreakable bond.

I'm glad I did it 21 years ago and you know what, keep all items away from me, Tommy and Dana reunion weekend because I have to believe given the circumstance we'd do it all over again.


Lincoln Crum
Jigga, Dana and 1 badass County Mounty

For some reason one night Dana Coleman, Jimmy Thompson and I thought it would be fun to leave the new McDonalds on Allison Lane in Jimmy's 1976 Toyota Corolla with big Dana Coleman on the hood and drive across Hwy 62 to Paul Tan's house. 

Pulling onto Hwy 62 grinding the gears as fast as possible, Dana holding on for dear life, Jigga and I laughing our asses off, not a care in the world....until we saw lights in the rearview mirror.  We pulled into Paul's subdivision and got pulled over.  Dana slid off the hood, Jigga and I got out of the car and the police officer proceeded to scream and yell at us.  He asked us if we liked Dana and we said "yes", he said he didn't think we did because if there was any respect than we would not let him ride on the hood.  He was ready to let us off the hook until he asked if we had any alcohol in our vehicle.  Of course, we couldn't lie and showed him the cooler full of beer in the trunk.  He made us pour it out, told us to go home and go to bed.

Don't know when I've been so scared.  We really should have gone to jail that night, good thing we didn't.

I've got Dana Coleman burned into my memory saying "My dad's going to kick my ass."  I made sure my dad never found out, thank God because big Rich would have put some serious hurting on all three of us.


Lincoln Crum
Racin' Cars

I remember switching cars with John Alden and racing each other on Port Road.  I heard a thud while racing and didn't think anything of it.  When we were done horsing around, I noticed something hanging from John's front windshield.  When I pulled it out, it was a bird's wing.  Guess that was the big thud I heard.

Leigh Ann

Bubble Gum Locker
I remember our locker being displayed in our senior yearbook. ALL THAT USED BUBBLE GUM! YUCK, Lori what were we thinking?
Melissa Gibson Scully
Hangin on the Roof!

For teenage girls, you would think that hanging in the mall would be the thing to do, but for these teenage girls it was the roof of Angela's house that best suit us. From settling arguments to breaking up with boyfriends, it was always the roof that brought us peace! Thanks for the memories Ang.

Melissa Gibson Scully