Jeffersonville High School '88 20 year Reunion
1988 Red Devils
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View profile »Carla Wunsch (Hubbard)
Jeffersonville, IN
View profile »Kathy Ellis (Jackson)
Clarksville, IN
It has been longer since I have seen everyone as I left Jeff and went to another school. It was nice to know that I was invited even though I didn't actually graduate. I am a wife of 18 years and a mother of 3 wonderful children. My daughters whom are 16 a… more »
Louisville, KY
Hey gang of 88' it's been a long time. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. It's time to catch up on lost time. Everyone be safe and see you at the reunion, Micheal.
View profile »Dawna Turner (Jenkins)
Decatur, AL
View profile »Sandy Buschmann (Keeton)
Louisville, KY
The reunion was fantastic! It was so fun seeing old friends. My dear friends please keep in touch!